anti-stain flooring

About anti-stain flooring

Anti-stained carpet is a kind of carpet flooring, which exploits a new kind of technology associated with environmental conservation in the carpet and flooring industry, and has culminated in a revolution in technology.


Anti-stain flooring is commonly utilized for crowded places or where the possibility of becoming dirty is considerable. Anti-stained flooring is usually used for planes’ floor, kitchens’ floors, children’s room coverings, auto-motives’ floors, trains, and other vehicles’ floors.


Pars Corporation, the manufacturer of woven and non-woven carpets, has the production of anti-stapler carpets in its future plan and takes a new step in the carpet industry in Iran and in the world.

موکت ضد لک
موکت ضد لک
موکت ضد لک
موکت ضد لک

How to remove stains from anti-stain carpets?

Removing stains from these types of carpet is very simple. Due to the technology used in these kinds of carpet, merely following instructions are required to be implemented so as to have the strains completely cleaned up:

  1. Initially, use a dried fabric in order to diminish the number of stains.
  2. No detergent is required to remove stains from anti-stain carpets. Stain can be easily removed by rubbing a clean fabric on it.
  3. Hence, you are able to easily clean up stains.